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what is sheep leather?

Leather 101: What Is Sheep Leather? Where Do We Use It?

Leather making has been with humankind for 7000+ years. Sheep leather is a cattle hide product with remarkable properties. Even after so long, it dominates animal skin-based merchandise. 

Why does sheep leather have a dedicated user base? Even so, when everybody knows about cow/ buffalo hide. Let's find out!

What Is Sheep Leather?

sheep leather

As the name suggests, it is leather that comes from sheep. The sheep hide with the fur left on is known as sheepskin/ shearling. Usually, before tanning the skin, the animal fur is removed. However, in the case of sheepskin, it is tanned without removing the fleece.

Animal leather is commercially available from cows, buffaloes, lamb, goats, camels, and sheep. However, the sheep leather stands out. Why? It has a smooth texture with evenly spaced between pores. Also, it gives a velvety and soft feel upon touch.

How Is Sheep Leather Made?

All animal hides go through the tanning process. Sheep leather tanning isn't an exception. Two types of tanning methods are common: chemical-based and vegetable oil-based. Chemical tanning is a fast and cheaper way. However, it comes with serious consequences for the environment. 

On the other hand, vegetable tanning is a time-consuming and expensive way of tanning leather. However, Classy Leather Bags uses this method for tanning as the process is environmentally friendly.

Usually, sheep leather undergoes tanning without removing its wool. With this, the protein in sheep hide stays intact. Hence, the leather will not decompose, and will easily undergo coloring and dyeing.

Also, one can identify the sheepskin with its fleece, as it stays on one end of the leather. The wool lining serves as the interior of leather clothing. It provides smoothness and warmth to the outfit. 

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Signature Features: How To Identify Sheep Leather?

Here are some distinctive elements of the sheep hide:

  • Commercially, it is the thinnest leather. Due to this property, the sheep leather products are the lightest animal hide items available on the market. 
  • One can easily see the distinct and evenly spaced pores. Also, it feels velvety smooth and soft upon touch.
  • After proper tanning, it hardly has any smell. If the sheep hide is tanned poorly with lots of chemicals, it may have an artificial smell.
  • Sheep leather isn't the best when it comes to strength because there are some factors which affects the quality of hide. However, if leather care done properly, it can last for decades and bear wear and tear easily.
  • The grains are quite small. As a result, the leather feels smooth.

Is Sheep Leather Better Than Cow Leather?

Sheep Leather Better Than Cow Leather

When fashionable items and wearables are concerned, sheep hide wins the sheep leather vs cow leather debate. 

Cow leather is thick, durable, and stronger than sheep leather. Therefore, it is used to make shoes, heavy-duty bags, etc. But it lacks the softness and stretches that only sheep leather offers. Also, sheep leather bends without cracking. It makes it a good choice for everyday fashion. 

Some Common Sheep Leather Products

Artisans use sheep leather for making a wide range of products some of which are listed below:

1. Wallets and Cardholders

2. Toiletry bags / Stationery box

3. Tote Bags & Sling Bags

4. Ladies Clutch Wallets

5. Journals and Diaries

6. Wearables such as Coats, Gloves, and Leather jackets.

7. Upholstery for furniture

8. Leather Footwear

9. Other Customized items

Final Words!

We hope you found this sheep leather guide useful. Classy Leather Bags aims towards providing the masses with genuine leather products. The mission is to provide luxury, at economical prices. Check out the skillfully designed range of leather bags for both men and women. There is something for everyone at Classy Leather Bags!

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