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Shop Our Limited New Arrival Bags - Click Here

Leather Satchel Bags

Leather Satchel Bags are the New Bling!

Setting a new trend statement in the routine world of dressing is the Leather Satchel Bag. With their sleek convenient design, these prove as an ideal professional workplace bag, attractive college accessory, and reliable travel buddy.

The leather satchel messenger bags offering makes it a universal deal, which can be flaunted by both men and women. Also are much stylish than the regular men's briefcase.

How many types of Leather Satchel Bags are available?

A variety of leather satchel bags are on sale on our website, diversifying in size, color, and design.

• Work Friendly

One of the most essentials that need to be carried in a working environment is a laptop, a dedicated line of bags are available equipped with laptop pouches in them and sized accordingly.

• Day-out Bag

These bags are smaller in size and are loved by women all over the world. Are perfect for a fun evening with friends and can also go well with a casual easy-breezy outfit.

• Shades of Brown

One can go for a rugged look or a premium one. There are many color options also available in it.

Why you should Buy Leather Satchel Bag for both Men and Women?

As stated before, these are considered as ‘Universal Bags’, as both men and women can carry these effortlessly. Gone are the days when only women used to carry the magnificent satchel sling bags.

These are not new in the women's accessory world and are preferred much by them.

But men are now upping their fashion game, by adapting these messenger leather bags as their new business pals. They have left the office backpack era in the past, as these satchel bags are much of a trendsetter. They glow with their unique style and helps in setting an effective impression upon the client's meetings.

Apart from their alluring design, these have been proven to be much more efficient than backpacks. As these are easy to be carried around on a shoulder, or in the crossbody way. These are also handcrafted as per the modern requirements with many compartments to store each item in a different compartment.

Features of Handcrafted Leather Satchel Bags

• Plenty of Space

You won’t face any space issue with our bags, as they are handcrafted by keeping in mind the needs of every individual. Our Laptop friendly leather satchel not only provides space for laptops, but also for other compartments for keeping important files and other products safe. This brings us to the second feature.

• Multiple Storage Option

Saving a lot of hustle-bustle and a lot of time, our multiple storage features is the knight in shining armor. The compartmentalized storage ensures that every object has its designated storage space, in a state of a hurry you don't have to panic about losing time in searching for your required item.

• Anti-Ageing Properties

Pure leather tends to age beautifully with time. Over years you can easily notice our leather bags maintaining their shine. These are considered as one of the most durable accessories of all times, they are robust and do not wear and tear easily.

• Product of Authenticity

We only believe in providing genuine leather products, each of our leather articles is carved out of full-grain top leather. Once you shop with us and receive your product, you'll be easily able to identify the pure leather in it. Our skilled craftsmen make sure the quality of the leather is maintained.

• Quick Shop-Shipping

Unlike the other websites, we understand that once you place an order, you are eager to find it on your doorsteps as soon as possible. Our professionals work hard to ensure that your parcel is packed and speedily delivered to you.