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Up to 60% Off + 20% when you use discount code JULY4TH
Your Living Room Deserves Leather Butterfly Chairs Stay Tuned To Know Why

Your Living Room Deserves Leather Butterfly Chairs Stay Tuned To Know Why

Your house reflects a lot about your personality, taste and culture. Hence, you must put all your heart while decorating it. From furniture to the colour of the wall, everything has to be perfect. And even if you don't want to make spend too much, since everyone has their budget, make sure you have one piece of furniture in the house which is unique and captivating. Just like leather butterfly chairs

The Story Behind The Leather Butterfly Chairs

Butterfly chair, also known as the Hardoy chair owes much of its renown as a mid-century Modernist icon to the perspicacious eye of a Rust Belt department-store scion, Edgar Kaufmann Jr.

The chair was presented at a Buenos Aires exhibition in the year 1940, by three Argentine architects (members of an association known as Grupo Austral). Kaufmann, then an industrial-design curator for the Museum of Modern Art was impressed by the design. Later, he promptly imported one for his parents’ new weekend house, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling water. 

If you are under impression that it was an original design, entirely it wasn't. The Tripolina chair, the British engineer Joseph Beverly Fenby developed in 1877, served as inspiration for the butterfly.

Why Does Your Living Room Deserve Leather Butterfly Chairs?

Durable: Durability is one of the main reasons for having a leather butterfly chair in your living room. You might be surprised to know that leather furniture is capable of lasting for roughly 15 to 20 years compared with the average lifespan of a fabric couch which is about 5 years.

Premium, Without Any Doubt: If you are looking for premium furniture, choose leather butterfly chairs over other pieces. Besides material, the attention-grabbing iconic design looks rich and classy. Further, the modern tanning processes involved make the leather resistant to cracking, peeling or sagging. 

Leather Butterfly Chairs are Comfortable: Without any doubt, butterfly chairs are extremely relaxing, thanks to their ergonomic design. Moreover, the curving backrest and seat are suitable for any seating, ensuring the body is sufficiently supported. So, if you are planning for creating a space where you can enjoy your coffee and read a book, do consider these chairs. 

Statement-Making: One cannot ignore the presence of the iconic butterfly chair and that too when it's crafted from leather. It's silhouette is statement-making and compliment worthy. You don't believe us? Purchase one from the Classy Leather Bags and do let us know.

Classy Leather Bags Butterfly Chairs

The Comforter Butterfly Chair

The Comforter Butterfly Chair

Made from 100% genuine goat leather, the classic brown shade enhances the beauty of the chair. It comes with a powder-coated iron frame for sturdiness and black powder-coated tubes. Moreover, it has been handmade by the artisans of Jodhpur. To complete the look, add an abstract printed cushion cover and a rug.

The Swiss Butterfly Chair: 

The Swiss Butterfly Chair

The vintage-style Swiss Butterfly Chair elevates the look of your living room and bedroom. Concerned about the durability? The steel frame material makes your chair sturdy and long-lasting. Furthermore, the cowhide pattern adds beauty to the look.

The Outline Butterfly Chair: 

The Outline Butterfly Chair

The Outline Butterfly Chair enriches the appearance of your bedroom and living space. Are you worried about longevity? The chair's frame is made of steel, which gives it durability and strength. Further, the cowhide pattern also enhances the appearance's beauty.

The Sympathizer Butterfly Chair: 

With our vintage butterfly chair in dark brown leather, enjoy the cosiness of the living room. Handcrafted in India's North West by artisans, making it is perfect for times when you feel like doing nothing except relaxing.

The Sympathizer Butterfly Chair

The leather is hand-cut and hand-sewn using only premium hide, and all the edges are laced with leather for strength and durability.

There are various brands offering butterfly chairs made from leather, however, if you want to invest in one go ahead with the Classy Leather Bags brand. Apart from leather butterfly chairs, the brand offers a wide range of premium leather laptop bags, leather duffle bags for men, leather motorcycle saddlebags and so on. You can shop for leather bags online. Regardless of gender, the range includes leather bags for men and leather bags for women as well.
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