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Best Leather Messenger Bags for Men

8 Best Leather Messenger Bags for Professional Men [March-2023]

We know that being an ultimate man comes with challenges. Walking into a room as you own it, needs good accompaniment. And so in the thick of fads and trends, Classy leather bags took the plunge to what you state as a cult. Because the cult is here to stay and if this rings the bell and defines your inner man, it's the beginning of our strong bond!

Fewer things speak better for oneself than a smart and classy leather man bag for company. Our leather messenger bags for men come in all forms and colors to give you that upper edge that comes with a standout new bag.

Being both practical and modish is no mean task, but we are up to it. Our product range has cubby holes for all your needs. Lightweight bags, uber designs with hues and tints of brown and black, significant yet casual appeal, sturdy straps, and the list goes on. But there is more in store.

We have laid down some easy user guidelines for you to make the best pick.

Numero Uno – Class & Style

Leather messenger bags are for professionals is a misnomer. Whether you are outdoorsy or heading into a formal boardroom, there ain’t a distinction no more. In the end, poise is all that matters. So first things first, choose your style. There are multiple options for all tastes and moods. The choice of bag speaks a lot about your personality,  so let it come naturally. 

Made with perfection

Premium quality durable leather, high-end metal components, and expert-built techniques are what a good leather man bag vouch for. The product offered by the brand is meticulously crafted with the finest leather material and by the best leather craftsmen of India. 

Ideal usage

Who else can tell this better than you? The intent of purchase is solely based on what the purpose is and once you know what you will be carrying along, you will have the right companion for life to flaunt. 

Our ultra-modern range comes in different sizes and offers different compartments and so check the entire product line on our website to find "your" bag.

Cash is King

Class doesn’t come cheap, but if you are in for a penny, you are in for a pound. Investing in an expertly crafted and highly durable bag is worth all of your time and effort. But this companion is there to stay, so the price will just be a number. If you still need convincing then just size up your wallet and fix up the budget, and we would find the best men's bag. Money matters and so do you!

Different types of leather messenger bags

Carrying fashionable bags is a mood and so containing them to one type will only do injustice to men who have different styles at different times. With one style looking too glam and professional for those weekdays meetings, the other will deck your rugged man style for the casual weekends. 

This handcrafted lux accessory has no bar when it comes to finding your match. But there's more to it and so let's deep dig to find which kind of man bag is calling you closer. The range of bags on our site is unparalleled and so here is a sneak peek of messenger bags, that the brand offers:

Leather laptop messenger bags

If you wish to stand out without going that extra mile, this classic leather messenger bag will speak for yourself. Having walked ahead from the old school laptop bags, leather laptop messenger bags are the best things since sliced bread. Sleek design, distinct features, comfortable compartments, and the premium vintage appearance calls out for a definitive pick.

With a perfect blend of classic and modern-day needs check out our Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger Bag , this daily accessory surely puts you above the masses. Specially designed to keep your daily stuff, a leather messenger laptop bag is your everyday companion that's here to stay. 

Traditional Leather Messenger Bags

When we say old is gold, we mean it to the core. And that's why these traditional forms of messenger bags are the whole nine yards. Handmade into perfection with premium leather, the messenger bags are great for metropolitan professionals to carry essentials like cell phones, pens, laptops, tablets in reach.

Traditional leather messenger bags are multifaceted and fit into any requirement from basic to refined. Made of full-grain leather, these high-end pieces sell like hot cakes for a reason.

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Briefcase Messenger Bags

Get access to deeper storage to keep everything while you are on the go. Multiple pockets give ample room for your work essentials, other basics, and even garments you need for that sudden night out. Crafted to showcase your professional touch, these leather messenger bags are available in many shapes and forms to cater to your daily 9-5 look or the weekend excursion.

Check out Attorney Leather Briefcase our extensive range to get the taste of this handcrafted gentleman accessory with its innate features.

Leather Satchel Messenger Bags

This kind of messenger bag carries the ancient legacy of roman days that accounted for storing personal essentials during transit. From what they were termed as “Loculus” back then, which meant the little place in Latin, to be called as Satchel bags for men in the modern era with purpose remaining the same. 

However, this “Loculus” has evolved and become a den for the new era essentials in the form of Leather Satchel messenger bags for men. And while the trend paced up only in the early seventeenth century, this style of men's leather messenger bag stayed forever making it a timeless piece in itself.

Choose among our vintage collection to chic and modern style cross-body bags. Distress brown to glossy black leather to vintage caramel, the color choices are plenty, and the cherry on the cake is that they come with many unique features.

8 Top Rated and Best Stylish Leather Messenger Bags for Men

A leather messenger bag is a lifestyle choice to match with its cadre. Containing it into one form and shape will not do justice to your mood and need. Also as we understand the value of money so we have brought options for all and sundry.

The Retro Vintage

8 Best Leather Messenger Bags for Professional Men [March-2023]

Shop >> The Retro Vintage

If timeless styling is what you aim for, then this Retro vintage bag will make the best companion. Needless to say, this accessory is a stand-alone fashion statement why? Because the distressed brown tanning embellished with running stitching makes the heads turn effortlessly. 

The name says it all and if at all we need to highlight, the bag caters to not just one but multiple needs. The central compartment is big enough to accommodate large screen laptops for your daily office visit or even place your garments for those weekend trips. This leather bag comes with a back zipper to enable easy and quick access and multiple pockets around the bag give you enough room for everything a man needs. 

This leather messenger bag for men comes in three different dimensions with the tape measure ranging from 18 inches to 15 inches in width. The detachable shoulder strap and the premium quality buckles are made out of pure brass. 

  • Pros: The details and design of this bag are a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. 
  • Cons: Price can be a deciding factor.

The Buffalo Hunter 

8 Best Leather Messenger Bags for Professional Men [March-2023]

Shop >> The Buffalo Hunter

It will be love at first sight for the rugged man in you. The tanned and semi-glossy finish of this masterpiece is crafted for those who sweat their guts out. 

The multipurpose single compartment comes with a built-in laptop sleeve and the mini front pockets make access to your mobile and other essentials a cakewalk. The bag is lined with durable canvas fabric for a neater inside. 

This messenger bag serves the daily purpose well and makes an ideal gift for a man with class. 

Multiple sizes ranging from 18 inches to 15 inches are available coupled with a sturdy top handle and brass hardware to give it a posh and expensive look.

  • Pros: The features like inbuilt laptop sleeves, adjustable straps, and brass zippers are real eye-catchers.
  • Cons: In this leather messenger bag, there is one main compartment to store everything.

The Prime Satchel

8 Best Leather Messenger Bags for Professional Men [March-2023]

Shop >> The Prime Satchel

Presenting elegance with a dash of daring! The attorney leather briefcase laptop messenger bag is best matched for the metrosexuals of the new age era. This 18-inch premium leather messenger bag excels in details, look, and usability that belongs to real professionals. So either sway the crowd at the office or travel ruggedly, the bag stands tall to bite the bullet.

This messenger bag comes with a broad frame of 18-inch width and immense storage capacity to fit in “almost” everything. The semi-matt finish on the bag is scratch-proof and is crafted from premium quality full-grain leather. The bag comes with a long shoulder adjustable strap and brass metal hardware including zipping, Zip Slider, Buckle, and Snap buttons.

  • Pros: The front pocket is a bonus.
  • Cons: Too big for the smaller requirements.

The Distressed Buffalo 

8 Best Leather Messenger Bags for Professional Men [March-2023]

Shop >> The Distressed Buffalo

A rugged look with that intense macho appeal is what this man bag aims for. We surely had that adrenaline rush while designing this one as the design is fairly for power personalities who mind taking their business seriously. 

 A tough personality with that man oomph will be a match made in heaven with this kind of a messenger bag. And if that resonates with your outlook, you just found the right companion. 

Size is no bar as it comes in 2 options of 16 inches and 18-inch width and pure brass hardware did absolute justice to bind the tough look this bag gives. Space is no bar as the multiple pockets make room to carry your man gears like phone and other accessories.

  • Pros: The withered look of this bag will only get better as it ages since the build is derived from top-grain leather.
  • Cons: The unique color of this bag will make the neighbor envious.

The Vintage Black 

8 Best Leather Messenger Bags for Professional Men [March-2023]

Shop >> The Vintage Black

Call it beauty or a beast but this bag is every man’s dream. Rugged, durable, and classic are a few terms to define this bag in short. The bag is enormously spacious. Multiple mini pockets alongside this bag and a zipper pocket at the back are very convenient to carry those knick-knacks like charging cables, purses, note pads, eye gear, and other man accessories.

High build quality and premium zippers made of nickel come from the perfection of artisan hands that have created this beauty with utmost craftsmanship. This leather messenger bag is meant to age gracefully and so if you wish to treat your man with an ageless gift, look no beyond this point. 

Make your choice among the multiple sizes from 15 inches to 18-inch wide. 

  • Pros: This bag is carved from genuine leather gives a high-quality finish and can hold a lot of stuff.
  • Cons: Too bulky if you wish to carry less.

The Cambridge Satchel

What better than a swashbuckling bag which is the perfect status symbol of a modern & classy man. This stylish messenger bag speaks for its name. Multiple pockets with stunning buckles aim to carry your gear well. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, pens, note pads, cables, wallets can snug well in multiple pockets taking this small worry off your back. The bag is available in three sizes with neat and well-stitched canvas lining.
  • Pros: Its Padded laptop pocket made with high-quality canvas is an absolute deal maker.
  • Cons: Comparatively oversized for daily usage.


    Why do people wear messenger bags?

    Messenger man bag bridge the gap between a backpack and briefcase whilst looking stylish at the same time. With a modern outlook, it meets various purposes from a professional’s sidekick to a student’s must-have.

    Why should I choose a messenger bag over a duffle bag?

    They are multipurpose and suit both professional and casual looks. Instead of a duffle bag, messenger bags are not just extremely handy to carry various stuff but also have a great style quotient.

    How do I take care of my leather messenger bags?

    Clean the bags regularly with a soft brush or cloth and periodically air out the bag. Clean exposure to water or moisture immediately and let it dry out naturally. Use leather conditioners and special polish for the super health of the leather.

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