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10 Vintage Leather Bags Gallery on Classy Leather Bags for you!

10 Vintage Leather Bags Gallery on Classy Leather Bags for you!

With the evolution of mankind, the usage of leather in constructing fine robust leather bags was introduced. This not only stood out fine in the race of various bags gallery but also became an ideal accessory that can be adorned by not only the old schools but also the new-age millennials. 

Every individual can choose their ideal leather bag, from the numerous options available in the leather bags gallery according to their requirement and style quotient. 

The Vintage Leather Bags Gallery is listed below:

Shop: MaheTri Karino Briefcase

This sleek shiny office briefcase ensures to uplift your corporate look with its fine composition. Walk into the crowd with all the eyeballs on your tan baby bag, the attached shoulder strap adds the easy to carry feature to the magnificent design. The traditional roots of a briefcase are maintained with a single large compartment, which is then divided into zips and other storage areas. 

Shop: The Nightfall Crossbody

Well, ‘Go for black, when in any doubt! ’, because black color never goes wrong. If your profession requires you to carry your handy tablet device everywhere you go, then you must as well carry it in a more chic way with this trendy leather article from our unique Leather Bags Gallery. Apart from your iPad, there are plenty of other zips and compartments provided in this handcrafted leather bag that securely stores your other routine essentials as well.

Shop: The Tan Brown

The best feature about leather messenger bags is that it is a Unisex Bag. These messenger bags changed the whole carrying laptops in a standard backpack rule. These are not only more convenient to carry than a backpack with an adjustable shoulder strap but also defines your personality as a person who creates your own identity. Laptops stay safer in these leather messenger bags, and ensures hassle-free transport from home to work and vice-versa.

Shop: The Pedro Camera Satchel

Having photography as your passion, and leather as your fashion statement can now go hand in hand with your Leather Camera Bag from our Leather Bags Gallery. You can now ditch your gloomy black DSLR bags for our enchanting Leather DSLR Camera Bag. These are sculpted by skilled artisans, keeping in mind that a Camera set requires extra care. The structure is durable and easy to manage. 

Shop: The Shipman Convertible

This Vintage Brown leather bag is made for the people who believe in consuming the best of both worlds. There are days you wish to carry a backpack and other days when you wish to flaunt a messenger bag. Well, why buy two different entities? When you can get the qualities of both in a single handmade leather bag. This bag is appropriate to keep laptops and other office essentials safe in it. 

Shop: The Buffalo Hunter

For the folks that like to keep it hip at all times, this rugged leather bag is the everyday pal. Comes with a sole huge compartment, which then provides a dedicated laptop space with cushioning to keep it secure. And wholesome space to store other files and essentials. Carved out of Buffalo Leather, this is a handcrafted delight in the Vintage Bags Gallery.

Shop: MaheTri Old School

As the name suggests, this premium leather bag targets the old school people, the ones who are living in the modern era but their heart belongs to the more simple and innocent early age. This leather bag will remind you of your good old school days. The difference between your school backpack and our leather bag is that it comes with a shoulder strap and looks old-school but is designed as per the requirements of our new tech generation. 

Shop: The Flap Over

This messenger bag from our Leather Bags Gallery is a dedicated casual bag. It gives out a breezy look with its sling bag design, making it easily accessible to transport everywhere. This bag is appropriate to store light laptops, along with other essentials. The tan outlook drips of styling excellence, as this leather bag complements each dressing style amazingly. 

Shop: MaheTri Jefferson Briefcase

Once to lay your eyes upon this alluring leather bag, you will agree with us on the fact that this leather bag is one of the most attractive ones from our bags gallery. The Green and brown color is extracted through eco-friendly methods of vegetable tanning. In the leather industry with dark brown, tan and black leather bags, this green leather bag slays with its dark green cover. The single-compartment design comes with small compartments for your cell phone, pens, and cards. 

Shop: The Lawyer Briefcase

Each profession requires a specially crafted bag for storing their particular work essentials. An individual in the legal profession requires to store a lot of briefs (summary) of their cases. This bag offers decent storing space and heavy security with its rough and tough leather outer covering. A product of skilled hand craftsmanship focusing the lawyers around the world. The shoulder strap saves you from carrying the burden on your backs that may lead to daily backaches. 

Before reading this blog you now know that we have a leather bags gallery for everyone. So what are you waiting for?

Choose your unique leather bags from our online gallery, shop from us and avail the benefits of our discounted price deals. 

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