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10 Best Leather Bags for Men in 2022

10 Best Leather Bags for Men in 2023

Nothing conveys a sense of masculinity, pragmatism, and sophistication like a good leather bag. They may come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, but one thing remains true about all quality men’s leather bags – they command respect. 


Whether for carrying your laptop into the boardroom, your training gear to the gym, or for backpacking while on the nature trail, no other material oozes class in quite the same way.


We’re not talking about genuine leather bags here – a term that’s often misinterpreted for authentic high-grade & real leather; anyone who’s ever owned the real thing knows you’ll never get the same level of satisfaction from imitations.


As a first-time buyer, it’s important to know what to be on the lookout for when acquiring your first leather bag. You want something that’s super-useful, stands out, and is as tough as old boots. 


What to go for when choosing a bag

When you decide to purchase a proper leather item — a wallet, saddlebag, or any other leather product — a careful look on the underside of the skin reveals marks that say top-grain, full-grain, or genuine leather.

While these three descriptions hardly exhaust the list of terms the industry uses to grade different kinds of leather, they do provide a good starting point when differentiating quality leather from imitations.

Each grade stands for different characteristics of the leather item which in turn affect its natural look, durability, and feel next to your skin.

Here’s a rundown of what to prioritize the next time you’re on the hunt for a new leather briefcase or men’s leather backpack.

Hide type 

The animal that goes into making your leather bag or wallet has a direct impact on the quality of the final product. Generally, a thicker hide gives a higher life expectancy, as well as a heavier product. On this score, from buffalo hide stands out for its thickness and heaviness.


As someone looking for leather that will endure the test of time, buffalo leather is your best bet. On the thinner side of rawhides, you’ll encounter goat or even crocodile leather which comes with certain advantages such as ease and comfort when using their products. Cow leather falls somewhere in the middle – it’s thick enough to withstand wear and yet yielding enough to the touch.


Leather Grades

If you’re looking for a great bang for your buck then the leather grade is what you should be thinking about. It’s a given that the highest leather grades come with the longest life expectancy, something you’ll understand better from this snapshot of the leather-making process.

When converting rawhide into leather, the hide is split into two parts- the top and bottom. The top hide is where the best quality leather comes from – similar to the way you skim the cream off the top of milk. Full-grain leather and top-grain leather are derived from this part. The bottom is sometimes split further to make even more grades.


Full-grain Leather

As far as leather goes, full-grain leather is the real deal; the crème de la crème. It comes with all of its layers intact - not sanded down or buffed like other grades. That means you’re guaranteed richness, depth, and character that’s only achievable with the highest quality leather that money can buy.

Full-grain leather is ultra-strong and capable of withstanding the harshest conditions, just like in the wild where it is exposed to all the elements in an animal’s lifetime. Your leather bag is made from this material – straight from the animal, into the bag. Premium leather products whether luggage, footwear, or accessories are more often than not full grain.

Top-grain Leather

Unlike full-grain leather which comes with the natural grain intact, top grain leather is usually altered by having its outermost layer sanded away to remove imperfections. After this, top grain leather is imprinted with an artificial grain to give it more a consistent look, although it loses some of its strongest fibers in the process. Nevertheless, if uniform is what gets you ticking, then you’re sorted out with top grain leather.

Genuine Leather

If an item is marked as genuine leather, be on your guard. This is the leatherworking industry’s code for the lowest grade of real leather available. Technically, it’s still leather but it’s neither as long-lasting nor as fine-looking as premium quality leather. Experts in the industry will tell you it’s a heavily processed and inferior quality product that doesn’t come with the original hide’s natural grain. Sometimes genuine leather may be combined with scraps of older leather before processing to make it resemble top-grain or full-grain leather. But if you’re on a tight budget, genuine leather is still a better option than cheap synthetic imitations.


Bonded leather

Unlike genuine leather, bonded leather – aka PU or faux leather - isn’t real leather at all. Made from a complex mixture of leather scraps and dust, vinyl and plastic, bonded leather doesn’t age with grace. It is the go-to material for goods like low-quality handbags, cheap upholstered items, and other leather products. Being a synthetic product that’s chemically manufactured, it also leaves a big carbon footprint that makes it even less desirable.

At the Classy Leather, we recommend you stay away from faux leathers as a substitute for quality leather.


Top 10 leather bags for men in 2023

Hopefully, you can now tell a phony leather product from the real thing. Let’s now get into the really interesting stuff – our pick of the top 10 leather bags for men 2023.


Messenger Bags

Shop: Leather Messenger Bags

The messenger bag has proven to be a handy tool at a time when carrying around laptops is the workplace norm. Arguably the most versatile among men’s leather bags, messengers are classic and practical at the same time, making them highly regarded by all sorts of people, from college students to corporate types.

The best leather messenger bags come with a spacious main compartment that can hold several books quite comfortably. They include a dedicated laptop sleeve that protects your computer, as well as easily accessible interior and exterior pockets to accommodate pens, business cards, and other paraphernalia. Don’t forget to measure your laptop first before making your purchase otherwise you’ll end up with a leather laptop bag that doesn’t accommodate your computer.

Duffle Bags

Shop: Leather Duffle Bags

If you want a casual bag that’s multipurpose, you can’t go wrong with a leather duffle bag. More spacious than your everyday laptop messenger bag, duffle bags give you a freedom like no other bag can – whether that’s enabling you to throw in your gym gear after a workout session, serving as a carry-on during a flight, or for use as an overnight bag during your trips out of town. The only downside with duffle bags is they’re too casual for formal workplaces and official functions, although they more than makeup for this with their flexibility.

Our exquisitely crafted leather duffle bags give you different carrying options to match your taste. You can go for a pair of handles for quick carrying, or the leather shoulder strap if that’s more of your thing. They also come with a large-sized opening that normally includes two zippers and the customary side pockets. Add-ons like padding in the leather straps or classic brass fasteners complete the sophisticated look.

Leather Satchels

Shop: Leather Satchel Bags

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or have recently landed a big promotion, it’s a good time as any to get that leather bag you’ve been yearning for. Leather satchels are perfect for someone who’s just looking for a convenient way to carry their everyday basics. That can be anything from a small tablet or laptop to a phone, wallet, or just regular keys. Whichever the case, leather satchels make a great statement style-wise and look way cooler than overstuffing your pockets with all manner of items.

Similar in size and shape to messenger bags, the major difference with leather satchels is they don’t come with the customary protective flap that folds over the front of the bag. Instead, they’re unzipped from the top but have the compact design of a briefcase. You can give your satchel a classy touch by going for a bag made from top-grain leather. We guarantee you’ll have some heads turning the next time you go out on a business lunch. Need we mention it holds up better than regular workbags in the long run?


Shop: Leather Backpacks

If you’re an outdoors buff you’ll have every reason to love your backpack, especially if it’s made from good quality leather. Backpacks generally hold up well under the harshest weather and are more often than not your go-to bag for rough day hiking. They’re also a safe bet when used in the office set-up, especially when they come with a dedicated laptop pocket and outer pockets for extra convenience. A quick tip when choosing the ideal backpack – go for a well-built, lightweight backpack that doesn’t feel too stiff against your back – it’ll do wonders for your comfort and overall professional image.

Explore our range of leather backpacks and see if you can find just the bag to fit your needs.

Leather Briefcase

Shop: Leather Briefcase

If there’s one piece of men’s baggage that totally should be made of leather, it’s the office briefcase. There’s something about leather that conveys power, sophistication, and elegance making it the perfect option for the boardroom or office. No wonder it has remained popular among lawyers, doctors, and corporate bigwigs. Although leather briefcases took the corporate world by storm back when paper ruled, they’ve adapted q well to the modern workplace. Most hard shell briefcases now include slots for holding your laptop and other devices and are big enough to accommodate files without being too bulky. 

Interested in buying a quality leather briefcase? Browse our wide selection of leather bags.

Sling Bags

Shop: Leather Sling Bags

Also called cross-body bags, sling bags are the modern version of the traditional two-strap essential carriers. When it comes to size and storage space they tend to fall somewhere between a messenger bag and a backpack. They’re usually hung over one shoulder and take a position across the chest with the bag resting by your side, although some men favor carrying them around their lower back. Sling bags are ideal for cyclists who prefer something lightweight to carry while going about their errands, or on a cycling trip. If you have a few everyday-carry items that don’t fit in your pockets, like your 10” iPad, then sling bags are just the thing for you. When made from leather, sling bags turn into stylish and masculine accessories that give you a new level of confidence.

Toiletry Bags

Shop: Leather Toiletry Bags

Also known as Dopp kits, leather toiletry bags are great for discreetly carting around your grooming products. They usually come with two or more compartments, offering lots of room that make it easy to organize all your toiletries. When made from premium leather, your toiletry bag projects an image of uber-coolness and can be a real status symbol. If you’re looking for maximum convenience during a business trip out of town, or an overnight stay at a friend’s, you can’t go wrong with a sturdy and water-resistant toiletry bag.

Tote Bags


Shop: Leather Tote Bags

Leather tote bags can be a good option for you if you are from LGBT community. CLB supports LGBT and we think that there should be no boundaries on how and what clothes and accessories someone should wear whether they are biologically male or female. So you should definitely checkout our cast collection of leather tote bag. You can also gift this tote bag to your family members or to your friends. 

Tote bags are loved for their ease of access. They’re easily distinguishable from other bags because they come with an open top. They can be carried by their handles, although many designs offer the option of a shoulder strap enabling you to wear them over the shoulder or cross-body.

Many tote leather bags give you the option of a strap or clasp or zipper closure, while others come with a zipper for sealing the top opening. On the inside, they have plenty of room for storage compartments and pockets that can be zipped up. Whether at the office or going to the gym, you’re right at home with a tote leather bag for men because you can carry everything from your gym gear to the office laptop. Unlike duffle bags, their rigid horizontal design helps keep your stuff organized, plus you can easily retrieve items when you need them. 

Men’s Crossbody Bag 

Shop: Leather Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are a great way to stay trendy. The crossbody bag is generally loose and flexible and comes in multiple casual shapes and sizes. You can choose to wear it over the shoulder or as a cross-body bag. When made from premium leather, Crossbody bags are simply divine.

If you want a leather bag that’s practical and sets you apart from the crowd, the men’s crossbody bag should be your accessory of choice.

So select the best men's leather bags for 2023 from above collection and make your 2023 great from travel to daily office. 

We Offer Quality Leather Bags You Can Rely On

The next time you’re on the hunt for a men’s leather bag look out for a stamp beneath the skin that tells you if it’s full-grain, top-grain, or genuine leather. It’s the only way you’ll know if you’re getting value for your money.

At Classy Leather we pride ourselves in selling premium quality leather bags for men that give you a lifetime of service. We guarantee it’s worth the extra bucks you pay upfront. 

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