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Guide to buy Motorcycle Leather Jackets

Guide to Buy Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Why is a good motorcycle jacket is must for every biker? Every biker knows that their outfit would be incomplete without putting on a leather jacket making it a must-have in their wardrobe. There are many different styles of leather jackets available in different grades, textures, and characters of leather. 

Our helpful guide will navigate you through the many types of leather jackets, whether you're searching for an aviator jacket, leather blazer, leather bomber jacket, or any other style. 

Why choose a leather jacket?

A Leather jacket has several desirable benefits which makes it a great choice for your wardrobe. Firstly, leather is a natural material that is thick and durable to provide much-needed protection from fast winds and adverse weather. 

Purchasing a leather jacket is like an investment. The high durability and growing patina of natural leather enhance its look with time and usage with minimal upkeep efforts. Once bought, a leather jacket lasts easily for 25 years or more.

Another simple reason to own a leather jacket is that they look great and is very stylish. A leather jacket goes with almost every casual outfit and enhances your personality instantly. Leather jackets come in various textures and can be dyed to almost any color of your choice. 

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Different Styles of Leather Jackets

There are many types of leather jackets available on market. Keep reading to find how to choose the most suitable style for yourself. 

1. Moto Jacket

Leather Moto Jacket

They are also known as leather racer jacket is one of our favorite leather jacket styles. This style of leather jacket is suitable for you if you are looking for adding a fun twist to the traditional motorcycle jacket. This jacket fits close to the body, forming the contours around the waist. Moto jackets usually come with a diagonal zipper and wide flap collars and have a close fit to the body. A stylish leather moto jacket is made with soft thick leather, zip front closure, front or side zip pockets, and a snap-over band collar.

This jacket features large collars and lapels that fold over the collar bone. 

The classic example of a leather moto jacket is here

2. Leather Bomber Jacket

The oldest and the original of all styles of leather jacket is the bomber jacket or more popularly called flight jacket. Flight jackets or aviator jackets were originally designed for WWI pilots to keep them warm at high altitudes. The bomber jacket has a relaxed fit throughout the body and is tapered toward the waist. This jacket is usually simple with one central zipper for closure with normal collars gently folding away at the collar bones. 

Bomber jackets have a leather body and usually feature an elastic closure at the bottom of sleeves and the bottom of the jacket to keep the jacket close from the bottom giving extra protection from the outside cold. 

The bomber jackets usually feature soft leather such as cowhide, goat leather, or buffalo leather.  

3. Leather Trucker Jacket 

The most common style of leather jacket is the Leather Trucker Jacket which is much similar to the denim jacket. The most recognizable feature of this bag is buttoned closure in the front of the jacket, pockets on the chest, buttons on the sleeve ends, and the vertical or slanted seams that run from front pockets to ends of the jacket. 

Usually, the denim jackets are made in the trucker jacket style only but the same style in leather makes it more stylish, durable, and premium. 

4. Flight Jacket

Leather flight jacket

As the name suggests, the flight jacket was originally made for pilots. The flight jackets are made thick and bulky with an added lining of wool or fleece for warmth. Flight jackets are much similar to bomber jackets with a twist. Flight jackets can be styled with any outfit and are suitable for heavy winters. 


How to Style a Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Not sure how to style your favorite leather jacket? Here are a few easy tips you can try. Although the leather jacket can go with any outfit such as a casual t-shirt and jeans or a casual dress. For bikers and riders, there are many different styles to consider such as pairing the leather jacket with leather gloves, and leather boots to be protective and stylish at the same time. 

For a casual look, you can try putting on a moto jacket with a casual t-shirt and blue rugged denim for a simple yet cool look. 


How to select a good quality Leather Motorcycle Jacket?

There are certain important factors to consider while purchasing a leather jacket such as price, material, fit, safety, stitching quality, etc. 

Leather motorcycle jacket

1. Look for the right material 

Motorcycle jackets can be made in various materials such as leather, nylon, PU leather, etc. The Jackets made from real leather are a better choice because of their durability, softness, and feel. The real leather material is also suitable as it can take the scratches, wear and tear, and adjusts to the wearer’s body. 

Real leather, due to its toughness and durability is also safe and protects the wearer better in case of accidents. Further, real leather jackets grow more beautiful with time due to the natural patina in real leather. 

To choose the correct leather it is important to spot the difference between real and fake leather 

2. Climate 

Apart from the style and look, the motorcycle jacket also needs to be suitable according to the climatic conditions where you live or where you plan to ride. If you are traveling to colder climate areas then choosing a thick leather jacket will be great as they can prevent you better from harsh cold winds and can keep you warm. 

If you are traveling to warm-climate then choosing a lightweight textile jacket will be better than a leather motorcycle jacket. 

3. Comfort 

Any jacket that you purchase should be comfortable not only when you try it for purchasing but also when you ride your bike after wearing it. It should not be short, leaving your wrists exposed to cold or tight from shoulders in the riding position on your bike. It should not be too bulky and should feel comfortable.   


Choosing the right Motorcycle leather jacket can be a time-consuming and confusing task but keeping the above-mentioned points in mind can help you select the best one as per your needs. 


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