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Leather Laptop Bags For Men & Women

12 Best Leather Laptop Bags for Men in 2023 - Carry Laptop in Style

Did you ever notice that a refined and classy laptop bag makes that very first impression before you even pull that expensive gadget out? 

Then why settle for anything low? A leather bag makes quite an impact that shouts more than just basic needs or, shall we say, a game-changer to meet that basic need with style.

Here is everything that you need to know to amp up your game in leather bags and select your forever partner among the best leather laptop bags options we own:

The Type

  • If the term leather bag anywhere reminds you of Indiana Jones, then you are quite outdated. There is way more to men's leather laptop bags than just a side sling. Leather computer bags come in all shapes and forms to choose from. Leather backpacks, men's leather briefcases, leather messenger bags, satchel bags are just to name a few. So go figure out what best meets your style and requirements.

The Purpose

  • To select the best men's leather laptop bag, let us first pen down the definition of a good laptop bag. What will you put in it? How would you like to carry it? How big or small should the bag be? Will it be your everyday carry? And a few more answers to narrow down your choice among the best leather laptop bags available out there.

The Detailing

  • It's not just a padded laptop sleeve that meets the need for a functional leather computer bag. The finish of top grain leather, the purity of zipper hardware, the detailing of the classic style, the comfort of the shoulder strap, and the sturdiness of stitch make an impact in any men's leather computer bag. 

Leather Speaks For Itself.

Talking of quality, let's dive deep to know what goes into making the best leather laptop bags and which leather bag you should opt for.

Full Grain Leather

If you are looking for no more than genuine leather, then your laptop bag desires full-grain leather. This is the outermost part of the hide and is not treated with any chemicals. Being non-treated, it is also difficult to process and therefore more expensive than other forms of leather. However, this one lasts the longest and is pretty good to wear. 

Top Grain Leather

The next best leather quality comes in top grain leather. This is also the outermost hide akin to full-grain but treated with chemicals and processed to prevent imperfections. It is the most sought-after leather variant as far as the best leather laptop bags for men are concerned. The processes give it a smooth and uniform texture thus the top grain leather is high in demand.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is the most commonly available in larger volumes due to affordability. After the hide has been split between full-grain leather and top grain leather, the remaining portion is treated and processed into genuine leather and yields a beautiful bag. Because of the artificial processes, it looks a lot like the other forms of leather, although a cheaper version. Genuine leather computer bags for men are usually the most in-demand. 

Types of Leather Laptop Bags

Now that the basics are done, let's narrow down further and differentiate which is what and which leather computer bag for men you are looking for. 

Leather Messenger Bag

Leather Messenger Bag

Leather messenger laptop bags carry a perfect blend of today's fashion and yesteryear's functionality. With the advantage of the multipurpose carriage technique, enjoy the flexibility of flaunting it across your body and go hands-free or hold the handle for the briefcase pick. 

For starters, this is the most popular category, and why not! Leather messenger bags are primarily built to stow and carry a laptop with all the dash in a cross-body style. They are not just super functional but meet the style demands of all ages. As a youngster migrates from a casual youth to a formal adult, leather messenger bags make a perfect companion. These bags are both convenient and give a classic look at the same time. 

What stands out for these bags is that they are perfect for every occasion. Whether you are headed to work or out shopping or even heading for a night out, leather messenger bags can be your best companion. 

Check out our collection for varying sizes and styles to meet all requirements. Think of all your needs, and in no time you will have a perfect choice. Do look out for the weight to ensure that the bag is a comfortable fit while carrying all of your accompaniments. So all in all, if you want a perfect look and a great fit to carry your laptop, tablet, and other essentials, look no further than a leather messenger bag. 

Leather Briefcase Bag

Leather Briefcase

Designed in the present and carrying the legacy of classic, this bag is an eye-catcher. This bag is a perfect blend of today's fashion and yesteryear's functionality. It was a mix of a professional and casual look. On the other hand, briefcase bags veer more towards the professional category. A simple look of this bag will add a professional touch to your outlook. It has been the classy go-to bag for ages, and rightly so. What started as a bag for documents and papers has evolved into a multipurpose leather briefcase that carries almost everything from smartphones to tablets to various other accessories. 

Once you get into selection, keep the weight in mind for the ease of carrying. These briefcases usually have top handles and, therefore, the heavier bag is more difficult to carry for a long period. So what are you waiting for, go on and get the perfect professional look with all the riches of style and grace?

Leather Backpack Bag

Leather Backpack

A backpack was associated with the image of an adventurer. No more, as they have become a go-to choice for men's leather bags. It's hard to beat the convenience it brings with all the functionalities of a messenger or briefcase bag. Not only do they carry a great deal of your stuff, but they are also very comfortable and easy to move around. With all the grace of leather, they are a perfect fit both for a hiking trip as well as a casual hangout. It's built with top-notch material and brings a lot of comfort with all the styles. 

Look for the padded version with lots of protection for your laptop. Also, one must shake off the old image of a laptop backpack. These are custom designed with mat cubby holes to delight every customer. It can safely house laptops of all sizes and give you a great option to carry both outlooks from an adventure to a casual one. Whilst finalizing your selection, do remember that with a leather version, the weight is a bit more than your usual synthetic or cloth-made bag.

Leather Tote Bag

Leather Tote

Now that you are spoilt for choices, let me make it easier. In comes a leather tote that is a perfect combination of style, suitability, and convenience. Made from the finest quality leather, they are somewhere between a satchel and a messenger bag with all the good looks. They may look small but pack quite a punch with lots of space to utilize. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, accessories, and documents, welcome one and all with open arms. 

Tote bags are great for a semi-formal to casual outlook. They are relatively smaller in size and the convenience factor makes them great to use both during office trips or holidays.  

Leather Laptop Bag Size Guide

Leather Laptop Bag Size Guide

Well, the good thing is it is not rocket science. Although there is no denying that the best laptop bag has everything to do with the laptop fit. And the easy way to achieve it is pretty simple. Measuring the laptop diagonally is all it takes to find the best fit for your laptop bag.

The average of most laptop bags ranges between 13 inches to 17 inches and opting for the ones that match the diagonal fit of your laptop is the one you are looking for. And same goes for the tablets.

A laptop bag size guide is available with every model on our site as it just gets more convenient for you to make your final purchase.

12 Top-Rated & Stylish Leather Laptop Bags For Men

Only if we can load you with more choices, here are some top-rated and stylish leather computer bags for men you should take a look at:

The Attorney Briefcase

Shop >> The Attorney Briefcase

Portray your style in that subtle way yet make it last forever. This man's leather laptop briefcase comes with multiple sections to accommodate all your daily needs in a classy way.

Made from full-grain leather, this shoulder bag is sturdy enough to accommodate most laptops, mobile phones, notepads, wallets, water bottles, and much more. Taking a peek inside, the high-quality canvas lining perfectly hugs the bag in the right places, and the pure brass hardware adds to the sophistication of this leather bag.

Pros - Take it for yourself, or gift it to the one you love. This trendsetter accessory is there to stay for long. 

Cons - It might not be a right fit for a casual appeal.

The Rugged Messenger

Shop >> The Rugged Messenger

If you go by the name, this one indeed gives a rugged look, but the vintage design is the most attractive feature of this leather bag. This stunning cross-body leather laptop bag comes with uber space and multiple compartments for the much-required sectioning.

Genuine leather quality, well-defined running stitches, underlined premium canvas, padded laptop sleeve, and brass hardware speak nothing but the robustness of this messenger bag. Those from the options of 3 different sizes show off this accessory that defines the modern man.

Pros - Multiple pockets all around this bag and the back zipper pocket keeps your daily items like a phone, notepad, pen, earphones within a speedy reach. 

Cons - Top handles are not available to carry this satchel bag.

The Shipman Convertible

Shop >> The Shipman Convertible

Meet our all-rounder who is strikingly good-looking and is indeed love at first sight. Shining bright in the vintage brown tone, it matches the personality of a go-getter just right. Carry it like a briefcase or hold it at your back, this laptop backpack is incredibly versatile and spacious enough to make space for all your personal items.

Full-grain goat leather, intricate handwork, and brass hardware are very attractive. Easy to open the flap, padded laptop sleeve, well-sectioned compartments, vintage look, and semi-gloss finish are a few of the many benefits of the bag. 

Pros - Not only is it efficient enough to carry all your men's accessories but it fits your night-out essentials comfortably in its multiple sections. 

Cons - Smaller items will be difficult to find when inside their deep pockets.

The Convertible Backpack 

Shop >> The Convertible Backpack

So you want everything in a single bag? We got you covered with this leather bag explicitly designed to cater to the wise man in you. With all the good reasons, the leather detachable shoulder strap that converts to make this bag all in one is the most intriguing factor. Well suited for tablets, laptops, and iPad, this bag beats the organization game without a doubt.

Full-grain goat leather coated with vintage brown tint will match every man's personality with ease. Enormous storage capacity and pure brass zip, zip soldiers, and buckles match the character of this bag right. And to add more, it comes in multiple sizes. 

Pros - This leather laptop briefcase is a perfect office companion for weekdays and an inseparable travel buddy on the weekends. 

Cons - The design is not suitable if you are not looking for a convertible option.

The Vintage Black

Shop >> The Vintage Black

Black leather bag! Do we even need to say more? To match that dapper personality of your inner man, this leather bag flaunts its elegant aesthetics, full-grain leather, special compartments for easy storage, and jaw-dropping design just well. Premium from outside, this bag is also lined with high-quality canvas to give it an overall high-end look. And to add that oomph, pure nickel hardware stands out on the black base. 

Available in 3 different sizes, this makes a perfect option for those who are just starting to taste the essence of the leather accessories. Deep central compartments along with surrounded mini pockets make sufficient space for your mobile, laptops, and all daily belongings. 

Pros - This bag comes with a padded laptop sleeve which keeps the laptop protected all time. The intelligent flap closure gives easy access to the laptop case.

Cons - Black is the only color available in this one.

The Ghostbuster Laptop Backpack

Shop >> The Ghostbuster Laptop Backpack

If minimal, sophisticated, yet classy is your taste, this bag matches your personality well. Carry it daily to your office to enjoy the space it offers or take it on a trip of adventure, this laptop backpack will never disappoint. Made of full-grain leather, accompanied with high-quality canvas, and complemented with pure nickel buckles, if this is not love, then we wonder what?

Handcrafted by experienced craftsmen of India, the make of this men's backpack is unmatched. This laptop backpack comes in strikingly stunning brown color, padded laptop sleeve, and accounts for the durability and longevity of this masterpiece. This laptop bag is available in two different sizes and can be bought easily from our shop online. 

Pros - Leather backpacks are easy to carry while riding a bike.

Cons - If you are a grown-up with a manly choice, a laptop backpack might give a school bag look.

The Distressed Buffalo

Shop>> The Distressed Buffalo

Aiming for the best of both worlds, here you have it! Show your inner macho in a subtle style with this leather laptop bag which is too hot to handle. The rough and distressed finish on the bag is a picture worth a thousand words. Spacious enough to give room to your laptop, tablets, files, documents, mobile, cables, chargers, books, pens, and just about anything that needs to be in there.

Available in 2 broad sizes, the bag is available on our online site and claims to be our bestseller. Long detachable shoulder strap, intricately handcrafted leatherwork, multiple compartments, and pure brass zip and buckles are a few of the salient features that can't be ignored. 

Pros - Full-grain leather computer briefcase bag. With a removable shoulder strap, this is the best leather laptop for your everyday carry.

Cons - This is originally designed as a briefcase to hold papers and laptops. So shoulder straps to hang it like a backpack is a miss.

The Prime Satchel

Shop >> The Prime Satchel

Giving that modern edge to the leather messenger bag, the prime leather satchel bag looks stunning come rain or shine. The back zipper pocket provides quick access to that ringing cell phone or the key of your drive back home. So if you are looking for that lasting impact without shouting it out loud, this bag is your real deal.  Made from real rugged top grain leather, it comes in three different sizes to choose from.

Pros - If you are deep in thoughts about the capacity, this one has 2 in 1 compartment, and a zippered security pocket will keep those daily essentials nice and tight. 

Cons - Only suited to carry daily essentials and not for any extra load.

The Multi Pockets 

Shop >> The Multi Pockets

Carved from rich and premium full-grain leather, this laptop bag is super sturdy. A removable shoulder strap instantly changes this messenger bag into a briefcase to carry your laptop in style.
A versatile carrying option, this is quite favored in the list of messenger bags.

Pros - The bag is made of genuine leather and is scratch and water-resistant.

Cons - It might be a worry for bikers as the bag is a tad bit bulkier for your ride.

The Classic Retro

Shop >> The Classic Retro

If leather bags have an identity, then this style of the messenger bag is all about classics. And classics never fade away. Adjustable shoulder strap and front flap closure are a few things that make this laptop messenger bag a complete package.

Own a large size laptop? Well, this giant can fit in up to 17.2 inches, and that padded sleeve inside will hug your big boy toy nicely and tight.

Pros - Among professionals, a briefcase-style laptop bag is always preferred over backpacks.

Cons - This one will stay with you for long even if you get bored of it.

The Designer Backpack 

Shop >> The Designer Backpack

If a briefcase-style laptop bag is not your thing, this genuine leather backpack will be the cynosure of all eyes. Padded laptop sleeves and zipped pockets are the winning points in this backpack and are ideal for carrying your laptop in a much more stylish fashion.

Pros - Backpack gets the additional back support to carry a laptop or tablet on a daily basis.

Cons - Professional choices may deny carrying a backpack-style laptop bag.

MaheTri Karino Briefcase

Shop >> MaheTri Karino Briefcase

Some men get it all without even trying, and this laptop bag is for that effortless lot. If minding business is the forte of your clan, then this laptop bag does just that. It comes with padded sleeve for safely carrying the laptop with multiple pockets for your other accessories and also a top handles and a shoulder strap for the firm grip are the best features of this laptop bag.

Pros - Natural leather makes the bag highly durable.
Cons - The flap closure facility is not available in this laptop bag.


1. Which is the best type of leather laptop bag for men?

A full-grain leather messenger bag is best for men as a laptop bag. It has a great special arrangement and fits well to give a perfect look. 

2. Is leather laptop bag a good gifting option?

Indeed, look no further than a leather laptop bag as a gifting option. It is a very useful gift and also looks smashing too, and hence it's a very thoughtful present.   

3. Which leather laptop bag is good for a MacBook?

Once you finalize the size, you can choose among messenger, tote, briefcase, and backpack versions. All of these are excellent in their own unique ways, and you select your pick based on your requirement.

4. How do I take care of my leather laptop bags?

Clean the bag frequently with a cloth or a soft brush. Avoid exposure to water or moisture and if it happens, keep them in some open air. Regularly apply leather polish and conditioners to keep the leather healthy and shining.   

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