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What is the Difference between an Attache Case and a Briefcase?

What is the Difference between an Attache Case and a Briefcase?

Most of us have grown up, assuming that an attache case and a briefcase are the same damn thing. But let us enlighten you a little bit. They do have some similarities, but they are both considered as different entities. Want to know the major differences between an attache case and a briefcase? Read along.

History of Suitcases

What is the Difference between an Attache Case and a Briefcase?

Before jumping on to the bigger deal, initially let’s discuss suitcases and where they came from? It is believed that the suitcases are dated back to the 18th century, but they became more popular in the 19th century. As the name suggests, it was mostly used to carry suits in a case. The other items were transported by tying them in a long cloth or a huge trunk. These heavy suitcases were made out of heavy iron, wood, or leather. It was quite some task to carry them, as they weren’t waterproof, and weren’t safe to be boarded on a ship.

It was the 20th century that established suitcases as a 'status symbol'. A variant of suitcases was now available in the market, that was now carved out of plastic and cardboard material.

The rise of the automobile industry led to the popularity of suitcases, as these suitcases could be stored in the back storage of cars. These were now lighter and used to carry every essential. The suitcase was no more just a mere ‘Suit-Case’, and was now established as a ‘Multi-Storage Case’.

What is a Briefcase?

What is the Difference between an Attache Case and a Briefcase?

The word 'Briefcase' originated from the Lawyers, as the summary of any case is referred to as a 'brief'. The lawyers used single compartment cases to store these briefs. These cases were called briefcases. The Leather briefcases have now again gotten their way into the fashion world, replacing the old boring boxes that were carried to offices before. These briefcases act as a shining star, as amidst all the office going folks carrying backpacks, a leather briefcase seems unique and stylish. The single compartment is divided into independent spaces for storing everything you need. These are broader than an attache case.

What is an Attache Case?

What is the Difference between an Attache Case and a Briefcase?

Usually, people confuse briefcases as attache cases, the attache cases have a slim narrow design, and open up into two-compartment zones. The French Ambassadors and their staff used sleek cases to carry their documents and important files. They named these as an Attache Case. The attache cases are appropriate to carry important papers and sleek laptops. If you are planning upon buying a case and deciding upon attache v/s briefcase. Then you must first identify your space requirement. The briefcases offer more space than an attache case.

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What is a Suitcase?

Suitcases are considered as the ‘Travel Cases’, these are designed with a hard robust shell to protect the travel essentials from any damage. These are usually constructed to provide ample storage and come in various sizes. These sizes are designed as per the days of travel. Nowadays, everyone who needs to travel for any purpose, chooses suitcases. In the early 19th and 20th centuries, these suitcases were only carried by the elite. The major issue of carrying these suitcases with heavyweights everywhere was solved by equipping wheels to them. The wheeled suitcases are now a common requirement and are preferred by all for traveling.

Uses of Briefcases

The Briefcases never went out of the need for the corporate world, here are some uses of the same.

  • An efficient way of carrying office essentials. These can be carried by hand with the handles on the top, and nowadays these are also attached with a shoulder strap. This has made briefcases extremely efficient for carrying.
  • The Multi-storage benefit is a life-saver. Although, a briefcase has only one dedicated compartment that it opens into. This compartment is now sectioned well with zips and layers. One can store their laptops, files, keys, and other essentials in an independent area.
  • Always in Trend. These briefcases can never go wrong in the corporate world. The black and steel briefcases are basic and can be spotted easily. Whereas the leather briefcases are the show-stealer, with their shiny aura. These leather briefcases go well with every color and outfit and also enhances the overall corporate look.

Uses of Attache Cases

The two-way compartment design of an attache case serves its purpose of storing less but crucial items. Here are some points where an attache case is useful.

  • Laptop Friendliness acts as the best feature. These sleek attache cases can replace your boring laptop bags, you will successfully stand out of the crowd with these attache cases.
  • Only VIP Access prioritized with the essential elements factor. The smaller sleek design ensures that only the very important documents are secured in the bag. It makes personnel feel important and kind of VIP.
  • Easy to manage with less. The attache case stores less, and this puts you at the advantage of efficient storage. You only carry the important stuff in it, and hence don't lose anything in the pile.
  • Goes well with any Persona, whether you plan to dress casually or go with the corporate tie look. The attache bag, especially the leather attache bag, complements each style.

What are some best features of Attache Cases & Brief Cases?

Attache Cases & Brief Cases apart from being the classic deal, have several other features, that make them the best leather bag for men. Let's shed some light on these.

  • The Golden Cases: The leather briefcases and the leather attache cases are considered as the ‘Golden Cases’. Want to know why? Well, the briefcases and attache cases, have seen history. They were used in early times to carry an important journal and are still used for the same. They have aged well with the historic leather making touched with modern designing. You must have heard the line 'Old is Gold', hence these bags are considered to be soaked in the old roots but precious and persistent as hell!
  • Storage and Storing: The hefty storage provided by these cases is great for storing work essentials. Effective storage is the bonus. There are extra compartments for storing a variety of essentials in distinct places. This not only saves a lot of time but also is great for the neat freaks, keeping everything in its designated place.
  • Transported Well: The leather briefcases and attache cases can be used daily with no hustle. These traditionally came with handles, but now are equipped with shoulder straps that give them a leather messenger bags look.

Which one is better Attache Case or Briefcase?

The Attache Case and Briefcase both have their charm. It depends upon person to person, according to their needs. Let’s discuss which one suits you better?

  • Capacity: The leather briefcases are broader and have more space than an attache case. The briefcase is an appropriate choice for you if you have a bulk of stuff to carry. These also have compartments and zips for storing wires, laptops and files. If you need to carry fewer things, precisely only a laptop and a few paperwork, then a leather attache case is the best option for you.   
  • Neat Freak: An attache case opens up in two sides but has a single compartment that is shared by everything. You have to store every stuff in a single area. Whereas, a briefcase opens up into a singular area, which is later divided into neat compartments. You can store your essentials according to their kinds in a different location.  
  • Fashion Statement: There are absolutely no questions asked for the leather briefcases and leather attache cases in terms of fashion sense. But hands down, a sleek shiny attache case wins in the battle of setting a style statement. Both the bags go well with every look, but an attache case attracts eyes more than the office briefcases.
  • Boarding & Lodging: If you're planning a short office trip then you can prefer carrying a leather briefcase, it can store clothes and other necessities for a day or 2. The number of compartments that are available in a soft leather briefcase, helps in effectively keeping everything that to in neat forms. These are easy to carry and can be stored in the overhead bins in an airplane. The attached case being way smaller than a briefcase, cannot be used for traveling purposes. Tell us what would you prefer?
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