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Leather Duffle Bags

Style your Travel with Vintage Leather Duffle Bags!

In the world of cliché suitcases, the duffle bags opens a door towards a convenient and stylish way of traveling.

The heavy suitcases steal your persona with their boring design, handling it also becomes a tiring process. And let's not discuss the weight of the suitcase alone, extra weight is added to your baggage which may result in you paying extra while boarding a flight.

Saving you from all the hassle, duffle bags were brought into the market. These were easy to carry with a shoulder strap and two other hand handlers. The weight of these duffle bags didn't add up in the baggage weight, also it became a convenient way of traveling. The duffle bags usually were made out of less resistant fabric, this made them tear with time and excessive travel weight. Also, the appearance of these bags didn't quite please the eyes.

The Leather Duffle Bags was termed as the 'Showstopper' of travel-friendly bags. These not only gave out a superior look with their shiny vintage aura but also were proven to be highly reliable. These Leather Duffle bags for men act as your best pal for any trip whether it is for office travel or a fun holiday.

There are various options in choosing the right duffle bag for you:

Duffle bags like Square Duffle (Square-shaped), Round Duffle (Rounded), Carry on Duffle (22 inches, fits in the overhead baggage area in flights), Wheeled Duffle (Attached with wheels), Oversized Duffle (Sized more than 24 inches).

Why you should Buy Duffle Bag for Men?

Men usually believe in carrying less baggage to any trip. It is a known fact that females need a lot more space for their clothing and essentials than males. Therefore females mostly prefer heavy suitcases while traveling and males are seen carrying convenient bags.

These canvas leather duffle bags does not take away your fashion sense out of your well-decided apparel and look. Duffle bags can be accessorized well with a formal office look, as well as a casual travel look.

Let’s talk about some features of this Leather Travel Duffle Bag:

• Sound Space

One can pack in several days of clothing and necessities in these men’s leather duffle bags. Without worrying about stuffing and overloading, these bags have been designed to provide an ample amount of storage. Especially keeping in mind a man's travel needs.

• Several Compartments for Efficient Storing

The multi-storage design ensures that all the travel essentials are provided with an independent space according to their kind. One should not waste time searching for their favorite pair of jeans and focus more on enjoying the trip. This design also ensures that there are no travel damages because of all the items stored in the same area.

• Designed for Rough Usage

Take this duffle bag anywhere you like, carry all your essentials in it, stuff it if you wish to. You’ll never notice it tearing from anywhere. You can rely upon these bags and they'll serve you for ages. Even if you prefer adventure trips, these will act as a loyal friend.

On the flights that need you to buy baggage per kgs, you can carry these inside the flight and keep them in the overhead baggage space.

• Top Leather Manufacturing

The full-grain leather used in making this leather duffle bag men's is considered to be the most superior type of leather. This leather never loses its shine and is also stated as the strongest type of leather.

We maintain the natural state of the leather by avoiding any machines in process of making it. Highly skilled artisans handcraft these impeccable leather bags preserving the sturdy and robust nature of the leather.

• Shipping in Snap of Finger

Several online shopping portals take forever in shipping orders, resulting in killing your excitement vibe of owning an exclusive product.

We understand that you love our bags as much as we do, and cannot wait long to get your hands on them. After you select your preferred choice of bag for our site and place your order, our professionals get on with their shipping job.

You’ll receive your package in time, keeping intact your wide smiles.

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